After spending 5 years touring Festivals, Squats and far-flung venues, And the Wasters have become an 8 piece beast of genre-jumping chaos merchants. Mixing Ska, Folk, Punk, Balkan and Hip-hop sounds, blasting out on Accordion, Fiddle, Trumpet & more. From their Folk-Punk and Ska roots the band have evolved through Hip-hop, Balkan and Latin grooves, welding an explosive musical concoction to a relentless live energy, perfectly captured in the debut album „The Anachronist’s Cookbook“ released in the US, UK and Europe.

The band have evolved politically over the years, supporting positive ethics within the Punk scene and beyond, promoting campaigns from Anti-Fascism to the Environmental movement, actively promoting a fertile DIY Scene in the UK and Europe to create a strong grassroots following around the band.

The band released a new EP titled „State Of Repair“ on March 2017 in the UK and Europe via Bredda Records after which they decided to take a break and gather new spirits, experiences and influences.