Scavenger’s Lunch – is a new Pop-punk project from Luxembourg featuring members of former punk bands such as „One(8)Seven“ and Dead City Streets. Their debut EP ‚Modern Slave‘ is a contemporary project presented as a personal statement towards various serious topics involving personal tales as well as the loop holes and issues in our modern human society; how daily routines suddenly incarcerate us in a vicious circle most of us cannot avoid or escape from in the first place.

For these four scavengers, this musical piece of art represents their personal idea of escape. Even if they have been spread out in various countries for the past few years, they have been working and dealing with what’s at their disposal – all to break the monotony. Their stories not only involve various walks down memory lane and the naive daydreams every musician has, but also meant to encourage one to break out of these vicious circles and to question the way we live and spend our time in a world where prison bars are transparent. This is a call out to laugh back right into misery’s face, no matter what because no one should ever forget how to dance.

Scavenger’s Lunch ’s first 7 tracks depict everything that unifies the four characters but also what differentiates them from one another. With high influential artists such as The Flatliners, The Gaslight Anthem and The Menzingers, Scavenger’s Lunch will bring a new ‚old familiar sound‘ to the venues of Luxembourg and to the European punk scene. The debut EP ‚Modern Slave‘ will be available on CD and on all digital platforms via Bredda Records.